Sunday, June 2, 2013

Getting started

For years my mild obsession with sewing has taken the form of lurking around other people's sewing blogs, fabric shopping at every possible opportunity, poring over pattern magazines and new pattern collections, and, oh yeah, occasionally actually sewing something. In the hope that documenting what I do will remind me that what I want to do is sew more and sew better, I am jumping on this bandwagon right now.

I'll be keeping it simple until I get the hang of this, so please bear with me. Speaking of simple, one of my most frequently used patterns is top D from the ancient Simplicity 5970.

Want to see some more of those?

These take just a bit of fabric and are easy to throw on in hot, humid New England summers.

But that is not all I aspire to, oh no. Sometimes my experiments have worked out nicely, but more often, and seemingly in direct relation to how much work I've put in, I have ended up with a piece of clothing that I'm just not going to wear. This will be a record of my attempt to turn that around. Stay tuned for a look at some of my past and future efforts.

Thanks for reading!

Nature notes:

Two painted turtles were crisscrossing the grass in front of the house yesterday, looking for a place to lay their eggs.

This is a photo from last year; didn't get one yesterday.

I hope our eastern phoebe finds a mate soon, because he is screeching from dawn to dusk.
(I wanted to insert an audio link to the phoebe's call here; so much to learn . . .)


  1. Welcome to blogland! Your tops look really nice, especially that black and white one! Looking forward to seeing your future projects!

    1. Thank you, Marie! I very much enjoyed seeing your me-mades through the month of May. (So glad I'm finally "de-lurking" and becoming part of the online sewing community.)

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